Exhibitions where my work is being exhibited
                 The Park Gallery
               Winter Warmth Exhibition

    The Cairns Gallery
         Pauline Walsh

                  Lillie Art Gallery

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Paulines work displayed at an exhibition

Zebra by Mark Bruce with Paulines Skaddiman Heads forming the mane

My home, Africa, has been a major inspiration for my work.
After my last visit, I plunged into my origins and have drawn inspiration from the traditions of everyday life there - its beauty, power of fascination, as well as social, historic, functional, symbolic and spiritual dimensions.
Most of my work has strong sculptural presence, and is full of textural details.
Pieces are made in different stages and assembled hot.
I concentrate on colour & surface texture and achieve these by using a repertoire of sandblasting, carving and etching techniques, creating details that capture the light and introduce luminosity to each piece.
Sketches are seldom made as I already have a very clear image in my head before I start.
Using adapted kitchen and plumbing implements I mould and sculpt the molten glass - creating imagined moments of Africa.

" Bruce Marks, glassmaker, 2008

Ya Ya Designs
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Phillipa Hayward Necklace made with some of Paulines SKADDIMAN'S HEADS .

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A Sheep in Lapworked Glass by Carrie Fertig